Kirsty's story


For many of us there are vivid memories of the moment when we received that call which changed our lives forever. We were thankful, as a family, for the opportunity to reflect on our journey at the 2017 Wellington Thanksgiving Service.

We (Robin and Maureen) emigrated from the UK with our two young children, living in Whangarei from 1982-1999 and then moving to the Wellington region. We really embraced family and church life and were heavily involved in Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade, watching ‘our kids’ developing leadership skills and making their own choices, as we had done, to embark on a personal journey of faith.

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Gabby Marsh

I’ll never forget the light and laughter that surrounded Gabby in life.  Whatever I do, wherever I go in the years to come, Gabby’s glow will always be in my heart.

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