About Organ Donation New Zealand


The Donor Coordination Service was established in 1987 at Green Lane Hospital at the same time that heart transplantation began. In 2005, the service changed its name to Organ Donation New Zealand (ODNZ).

Today, Organ Donation NZ is part of NZ Blood Service and coordinates a 24 hour, national organ and tissue donation service.

We are a specialised team of doctors and nurses who are donor coordinators. Our primary responsibility is to co-ordinate the donation of organs and tissues from deceased donors in New Zealand for transplant units and tissue banks in New Zealand and sometimes Australia. The donor coordinators also provide information and on-going support for those families who have generously donated organs or tissues.

Organ Donation New Zealand staff work with health professionals throughout New Zealand providing education and training to ensure there are excellent, nationally consistent, processes for organ and tissue donation.

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Guiding principles for Organ Donation New Zealand
  • Every opportunity for deceased organ donation should be recognised by Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff and every family should have donation discussed with them by a health care professional with compassion, respect and appropriate knowledge and skill.
  • The process of organ donation must accord with good medical practice, ethical standards, and the law. The Human Tissue Act (2008) requires consent before organs or tissue may be removed from a deceased person for transplantation.
  • Donation should be discussed with all families irrespective of whether the word 'donor' is on the driver licence.
  • The family‚Äôs decision about donation should always be respected; all donors come out of human tragedy and donation by the family is voluntary
What we do - the role of donor co-ordinators

A donor co-ordinator is available 24 hours a day to receive referrals of potential donors.

Following a family's agreement to donate, the donor co-ordinator requests medical information about the donor and liases with the transplant units and tissue banks.

Organ donation - the gift of life

Our logo consists of three interlacing circles. These represent the three key participants in the organ donation story - the donor, the family of the donor and the recipient.

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