Thank you day

'Thank you for my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow.'

These heartfelt words are from New Zealanders whose lives have been transformed through the generosity of donors and their grieving family and whānau. The decision to donate organs and tissue saves and changes lives.

Donating organs and tissue is an incredible act of kindness which deserves all this thanks – and more. This Thank You Day, 30 November 2023, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in donation.

Thank you to the donors, their families and whānau, including clinicians and hospital staff, laboratory technicians and scientists, the coronial service, everyone involved in the safe transportation of the organs, and more

You have all helped change the lives of others forever. 

Thank You Day is also a chance for all of us to help transform the lives of New Zealanders in the future.

Share our a social media tile, post about Thank you Day, or share one of our stories to help raise awareness of organ and tissue donation.

Most importantly, please have the conversation about donation with your family and whānau today.

The gift of

“Thank you to my donor’s family, for their selfless gesture in donating their loved one’s organs. And talk to your loved ones about organ donation; it made yesterday, today, and tomorrow possible for me.”

Amy Ng-Thomson
Double lung recipient

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Have you talked about organ donation with your loved ones?

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Questions & Answers

Do you still have questions, or need answers?


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