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Who's Right? (NCEA Level 1)

Organ donation is an important issue, which many New Zealanders don’t consider until they require an organ transplant or have to make a decision about whether to donate a family member’s organs.

Many Year 11 students will have the opportunity to indicate their wish to be an organ donor when they get their learner driver’s licence. This unit provides a good opportunity for students to have conversations at school and at home about their views and the views of their families about organ donation.

This unit follows a social inquiry process to help students understand how people work to promote social justice and human rights within the context of organ donation. As part of their inquiry, students will gather primary evidence through interviewing and surveying and explore how to discuss sensitive issues in an appropriate way.

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Kaye and Marty One Tree Hill

"I thought of the donor’s family, how do I honour them for allowing me to be the custodian of their precious gift - a healthy heart?"

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