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Organ donation saved 184 lives last year in New Zealand

2022 Annual Report 

Organ Donation New Zealand (ODNZ) has released its annual report today sharing New Zealand’s national organ donation figures for the last 12 months.

Last year 63 deceased organ donors with whānau support, donated organs following death, providing lifesaving kidney, liver, lung, heart, or pancreas transplants for 184 Kiwis.

ODNZ Clinical Lead Dr. Joanne Ritchie says organ donation is a precious gift that has a profound impact on both the deceased donors loved ones and the recipient.

“On behalf of everyone at ODNZ, I’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to these 63 organ donors, and particularly to their families for saying yes - you have given so many people a second chance at life.”

“Organ donation is only possible through a donor family making this generous decision at a difficult and sad time. Their choice to donate organs and tissue saves and changes lives.”

The possibility for donation after death occurs only in specific circumstances. However, when donation is possible, one donor has the potential to help up to ten people through the donation of organs and tissues.

ODNZ encourages people to have a conversation with their family or whānau and discuss whether they’d like to become an organ donor in the event of their death. More information about ‘Having the Conversation Today’, can be found Here.

“For those who are considering being a donor, it’s important that you express your wishes to your whānau and have that important conversation now,” says Jo.


For more information contact:

Sandy Trigg, Network Communication, 021 231 9406, [email protected]

About Organ Donation New Zealand

ODNZ provides a 24-hour, 7-days a week, clinical service for deceased organ and tissue donation to health professionals in hospitals throughout New Zealand. ODNZ works with those health professionals to ensure that processes for deceased donation are nationally consistent and meet the highest medical, ethical and legal standards. ODNZ coordinates the process of donation which provides organs and tissues to transplant units in New Zealand and Australia and tissue banks in New Zealand. It also provides on-going support for donor families, education and training for healthcare professionals and accurate factual information to the public.

In 2019, ODNZ was integrated into New Zealand Blood Service’ national organisation.

For more information about becoming a donor, visit

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