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Organ Donation New Zealand 2023 Annual Report

Organ Donation New Zealand (ODNZ) has released its annual report today, sharing New Zealand’s national organ donation figures for 2023 and providing insight on the profound impact that deceased organ and tissue donation can have on the lives of others.
Last year, with the support of their whānau, 64 deceased donors, from ICUs in 13 donor hospitals around New Zealand, donated organs and tissues for transplantation. A further 57 people donated tissues only following their death.
These generous donations led to more than 200 people receiving lifesaving kidney, liver, lung, heart or pancreas transplants. Many more received tissue transplants, such as cornea, sclera, heart valves and skin.
“While reporting on the past year, we acknowledge each and every donor and the members of their families, who supported the choice to donate their loved one’s organs at an extremely difficult time.
“The possibility for donation after death occurs only in specific circumstances, but when it is possible, one donor has the potential to help up to ten people through organ and tissue donation,” says Dr Ritchie.
“Organ and tissue donation is such a generous gift, and one that can improve and save the lives of so many others.”
The support of a person’s whānau is essential in the donation process. ODNZ encourages everyone to consider what their own wishes are, and to have a conversation with their whānau about donation.
“It’s so important because it’s these kinds of conversations,” says Dr Ritchie, “that can help make donation decisions easier and more meaningful for whānau at a time of immense grief.”
More information about ‘Having the Conversation Today’, can be found here.
Throughout 2023, the ODNZ team had the privilege of connecting with a wide range of people and communities through special events, hui, media and other communications to share this message.
The year also had a focus on growing the capacity of donor coordination and medical specialist teams. This involved continued engagement with donation link teams, healthcare professionals and transplant services, including collaboration on the introduction of state-of-the-art perfusion machines; which has a positive impact on donation processes.

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