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Media Guidelines for Reporting on Organ Donation

Organ and tissue donation makes a difference; it transforms the quality of life of transplant recipients and their families.

New Zealand media play an important role in shaping public perceptions, thoughts and feelings about organ and tissue donation. Therefore accurate reporting and use of appropriate language is vital in order to dispel common myths and misconceptions, and encourage more conversation about donation.

It is important to remember that organ and tissue donors come from human tragedy and the generosity of families who, at a time of immense grief and distress, make the decision to donate their relative’s organs and/or tissues. Please respect these families and whānau by using sensitive and appropriate language and imagery.

Please see the guidelines below for more information on appropriate language use and frequently used terminology.

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Two years on from Nga's death, Hori and Lovey said they took comfort in the decision they made.

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