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Health Professional Interviews

Below are interviews with health professionals involved in organ donation and transplantation. These clips give students an additional insight into organ donation in New Zealand.

Dr Stephen Streat

An interview with Dr Stephen Streat, intensive care specialist and Clinical Director of ODNZ. 

Janice Langlands

An interview with Janice Langlands, Donor Co-ordinator at ODNZ.

Melanie Stevenson

An interview with Melanie Stevenson, Communications Adviser at ODNZ.

Mr Adam Bartlett

An interview with Mr Adam Bartlett, Transplant Surgeon.

Chris Southerwood and Wendy Gray

An interview with Chris Southerwood and Wendy Gray, Registered Nurses, Intensive Care Unit.

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A series of appointments, tests and consultations followed and Wiremu was told he was a candidate for a heart transplant

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