Thank You Day 2020

Each year the lives of many New Zealanders are saved and transformed through the generosity of strangers in the most tragic of circumstances.

Thank You Day is an opportunity for the New Zealand community to join together in expressing our gratitude towards organ and tissue donors and their whānau who have given so generously and changed the lives of others.

We also thank all the health professionals involved in organ and tissue donation for their support and for enabling transplantation.

This year due to Covid-19, we were unable to travel around New Zealand and film transplant recipients safely, so we asked recipients to send their own video messages to us. We turned these messages into one video that was released on Thank You Day, Sunday 15th November 2020.

Organ and tissue recipients from around New Zealand shared their journeys with us, along with the gratitude they feel for their transplants. Please help us to share these heartfelt messages.

ODNZ Thank You Day 1080x1080 2020 v2