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Latest News

Govt reviewing organ donation rate

09 October 2015

The Government is looking for ways to increase the deceased organ donation rate.



Near death, then a liver came up

13 September 2015

Maureen Bretherton, of Dunedin, estimates she had only weeks left to live when she received a new liver from an organ donor in August last year.



Sir Pita Sharples calls for Maori organ donors after wife receives kidney

21 August 2015

Sir Pita Sharples has called for more Maori to become organ donors after his wife received a life-changing kidney transplant.



Person of the month: So far, so good thanks to brotherly kidney gift

07 August 2015

For Lance Tavinor, the reason for donating a kidney was simple - helping his brother out.



Dr Stephen Streat: It's crucial to get process right

02 August 2015

Organ transplantation benefits recipients nationally, and is dependent on organ donation. 



Clifford's story

Clifford Tuhi Thompson was a loving and giving person. He enjoyed doing things for other people and his love for his mother Victoria was unconditional. He always wanted to help others, especially children, and it'€™s for this reason that Victoria said yes to organ donation after Clifford tragically sustained a non-survivable brain injury in 2012.

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